Our Purpose

To achieve a net zero future and greener society
To provide world-class renewable energy solutions

Our Values

Collective Wisdom

We believe in the symbiosis of knowledge and perspectives, to arrive at the optimum solution.

Unwavering Commitment

We are committed to building a better world and a brighter future.

Mutual Respect

We are respectful in our approach, taking into consideration our environment and the people living within.

The Metis Energy Story

A Tale of Togetherness

The Greek Goddess, Metis

Metis Energy is the perfect amalgam of two disparate entities, Athena Energy and Manhattan Resources. Each organisation brings to the table our wealth of experience, ample resources and most of all, people power. Together, we work hand-in-hand towards a common vision of a better and brighter future.

In the Greek pantheon, Metis is known as the goddess of wisdom as well as the mother of Athena, our wholly-owned subsidiary. It captures our desire to harness the collective wisdom of our people and partners to create projects which have long-lasting impact for our future generations to come. 

All because we are in this together for a much brighter future.

The Greek Goddess, Metis
Strategic Objective & Key Results

Towards A Net Zero Future

To achieve our vision of a net zero future and greener society, we will explore opportunities in both developed and developing markets by harnessing our strong local partnerships in the Asia Pacific region. We aim to achieve a portfolio of 1 GW by 2025.

What We Do

We Originate
We spearhead projects through our network and deep market access capabilities.

We Develop
Utilising our techno-commercial expertise, we develop projects from the ground up, ensuring high financial viability.

We Construct
We lead our construction activities with local proficiency in mind.

We Commit
We do not flip our projects and remain vested and committed to all our projects in the long haul.

We Operate
Our remote diagnostic and asset management capabilities allow us to effectively manage post-construction operations.

We Care
The local community, culture, and environment deserve our utmost respect. Therefore, we take them into careful consideration every step of the way.

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